Dr. Gregory Weisswasser, ND

Grass Valley, CA

Speciality: Functional Medicine,Naturopathic,

Dr. Greg began his health education by earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Michigan State University. He went on to earn his Naturopathic Doctorate from Bastyr University, a leading educational institution in the Natural Health Sciences. During his five years at Bastyr he was well trained as a primary care Naturopathic Doctor and also searched out additional training in particular areas including physical medicine and mind-body medicine. Dr. Greg has studied over 15 forms of bodywork, including Cranio-sacral therapy and Visceral Manipulation, which he combines into a multifaceted approach to treatment. The goal of his treatments is to remove trauma patterns, release repressed emotions, remove blockages, reduce pain and stiffness and to increase the vital healing ability of the patient. His physical techniques are combined with diagnostic tests, conventional physical exams, counseling, and the full array of natural medicines. Dr. Greg has had great success in treating a wide variety of health conditions including digestive disturbances, neurological diseases, psycho-emotional imbalances, pain syndromes and infectious disease. Dr. Greg is passionate about the naturopathic principles: always treating the whole person, looking for the cause of disease and striving to stimulate the patients’ own healing ability. He truly enjoys getting to know his patients, to educate and to share in their healing process. Dr. Greg spends significant time researching and evaluating all his cases in an effort to find the best medicines and treatment approach for each individual. As a person he is a great listener, deeply spiritual, kind, and honest. Dr. Greg’s goal is to bring peace, health, happiness, and balance to the world.

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