Nick Bodi, MS, FNP-C

Saint Louis, MO


Nick Bodi is a functional medicine Family Nurse Practitioner. He has worked in functional medicine for many years, first as a functional medicine RN, and then as a functional medicine Family Nurse Practitioner. Nick firmly believes functional medicine is the best type of medicine and the future cure for chronic disease in the United States and the rest of the world. He is currently in the process of obtaining certification through the Institute of Functional Medicine and will be fully IFM certified by Spring of 2020. Nick is a master at many functional medicine therapies including disease specific diets, IV nutrition, Ozone therapy, chelation therapy for heart disease and heavy metals, nutritional/herbal supplements, cancer support, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Lyme disease treatment, leaky gut/brain treatment, weight loss, and autoimmune disease treatment. He is also adept at evaluating specialty testing including Doctor’s Data, Genova Diagnostics, ZRT, DUTCH, ALCAT, IgeneX, 23 and Me, methlylation detox panels, organic acid testing, advanced cardiometabolic testing, autoimmune antibody testing, Cyrex, RGCC, and genetic and allergy testing. Nick is also certified in the BioTe hormone replacement method, Botox and dermal fillers, Prolozone joint injections, and cosmetic Prolozone. In addition, he is certified by ACAM in chelation therapy and certified by IIVNT in nutritional IV therapy.

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